TEYDER 30 years with you,
your partner in technical orthoses and mobility aids

In Teyder we have been innovating without limits for 30 years to offer our customers the most modern and wide range of products focused on the world of technical orthopedics, sports medicine and mobility aids. A functional line of products made with the best materials and guarantees. Our products strictly comply with all manufacturing processes and are exclusively designed to provide all our customers with the most advanced designs and maximum comfort and adaptability to contribute directly to the improvement of the well-being of our users.


Since 2018, Teyder has renovated facilities of more than 7,000m2 that allow us to improve production processes and offer a better service to our customers. We have a highly qualified human team, to offer a good product and service in an agile way.

We have a wide range of products, both technical aids and technical orthesis covering a large number of pathologies and reducing increasingly more barriers to mobility. We have a real-time inventory control system that strictly monitors the movement of stocks and optimizes inventory levels, promoting the improvement in deliveries and ensuring the traceability of all our products at all times.


For the manufacture of the orthosis range, we have a complete machinery equipment and we continuously invest in new technologies that allow us to improve our processes. Our philosophy is to offer the market innovative products, high quality and efficiency thanks to a team of experts in the manufacture and development of products.


We work with high quality products and innovative technology. We are aware of the importance that the service has in this type of products, so we have our own technical service and authorized technical services throughout Spain.


In Teyder we work to offer a comprehensive and fast service, with experts in various fields of the orthopedics sector to give an effective and solid answer to the doubts, questions or comments of our clients. We promote the agility in the processes to reduce to the maximum the time of expedition of the possible product and to make of the experience of purchase of a Teyder product, a process as satisfactory as possible.