Hevet Slimcell
Slimcell is the new Hevet line from Teyder, an innovative line with slimming and anti-cellulite effects composed of intelligent fibers that favor the reduction of the waist, belly, thigh and buttock contour in an effective and scientifically tested way.

Slimcell is manufactured using mineral yarns with applied infrared technology (FIR), which converts the energy of the human body into far infrared rays that, together with the natural rubber layer that the garment contains, increases body temperature and activates blood microcirculation , thus favoring the elimination of localized fat, cellulite or orange peel skin. In addition, the inner layer of Slimcell incorporates a fiber with seaweed, with antibacterial effect, which enhances the anti-cellulite and firming properties, ensuring maximum tolerance to the entire skin, avoiding possible allergic reactions.

1 – Polyester and cotton

2 – Natural rubber layer that favors the retention of body heat and increased sweating

3 – Bamboo yarn and seaweed